Quay Pharma is one of the world’s leading Contract Development, Manufacturing and Packaging¬†Organisations. Based in the UK, we provide specialist services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries built on our unique expertise in¬†pharmaceutical development, analytical services and contract manufacturing for clinical and specials products. More

Our Services

Quay Pharma offers a comprehensive range of services to enable early-stage developers to investigate the physical and chemical properties of their drug substances and identify the most suitable formulation options.
Quay Pharma's formulation development expertise lies in the breadth of in-house capabilities offered, and is especially valuable where drugs show poor solubility or bioavailability, or require modified or targeted release.
Quay Pharma offers a full selection of analytical and quality control services, including analytical method development and validation, and accelerated, formal and informal stability testing to ICH standards.
Quay Pharma provides all of the services required to bring an API into clinical use in the fastest and most cost-effective way, including unique Fast Track into Man programmes.
Quay Pharma offers GMP clinical manufacturing services covering Phase I formulations, large-scale Phase II, Phase III and post-marketing studies.
Quay Pharma holds a UK 'specials' licence from the MRHA, and manufactures unlicensed medicines to full GMP standards.
Quay Pharma provides comprehensive primary and secondary clinical supply and clinical trials packaging.