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World Leading Pharmaceutical CDMO, Experts in Formulation Development.

Company Overview

Insight Film

Watch our new insight film introduced by our CEO Maireadh Pedersen...


Live Biotherapeutics

Currently one of the few companies licensed for the clinical manufacture of live biotherapeutics...

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Pre-Clinical Formulation

Robust formulation development strategies tailored to the characteristics of each API...

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Pre-Formulation and analysis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)...

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Formulation Development

In-house capabilities, especially valuable where drugs show poor solubility or bioavailability...

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Our Technologies

At Quay Pharma we are committed to finding the best formation and dosage delivery solution...

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Laboratory Facilities

We operate from three sites, two are 15km apart, one in England and the other, our head office...

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Phase 1 Clinical Trials

All of the services required to bring an API into clinical use in the fastest and most cost-effective way...

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Phase 11/111 Clinical Trials

GMP clinical manufacturing services covering Phase I formulations, large-scale Phase II, Phase III...

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About Quay Pharma

Quay Pharma is an independent, privately owned company with the scientific expertise...

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Appearing Next at:

2020 Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit
New York, NY

28th Jan 2020 to 29th Jan 2020

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We are delighted to have won the Export Award at Bionow Awards 2019, sponsored by DLA Piper.

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For all sales enquiries, call us on +44 (0)1244 837000 and a member of our Business Development team will be happy to help. Alternatively, fill out a quick form on our contact page.

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