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We believe in direct communication, honest dialogue, and collaborative working. Confidentiality is absolutely assured in every aspect of our service, from your first enquiry onwards.

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Our in-house scientific expertise enables us to approach every project from the most fundamental principles, thoroughly researching your drug and building a complete understanding of its mechanism and potential efficacy, and then providing a dosage design that will deliver the best possible results.

We understand the importance of costs and timelines, and make sure that these factors are clearly set out and agreed at the outset.

While our aim is to meet your immediate requirements, we always look ahead to ensure that the short-run manufacturing we do can easily be scaled to commercial quantities or licensed to another party.

Our working practice is to agree a fee for each stage of our service, in advance. We will not tie you in to formulations or technologies that will reduce your future options. Our work, once paid for, is yours without further commitment.

The Quay Pharma Process, Stage by Stage:

1: We carry out a collaborative research and analysis project, to investigate the parameters and scope of the project and explore the contribution we can make. All of the work, even at this initial stage before you incur any costs, is absolutely confidential.

2: We prepare a proposal setting out the scope of the work we propose to do, the milestones we will meet along the way, the deliverable outcomes, the costs and the schedules. At this stage, we will make it clear where the various responsibilities lie, and whether we need any further information or assurances from you.

3: We sign a technical agreement with you, defining the work we will do and the setting out deliverables, milestones, timelines, schedules and costs. This is the first stage at which you make any commitment to us.

4: We manage the project according to the agreement, and at each milestone we report back to you, review the work we’ve done and agree on the next stage.

Access to Specialist Expertise

Our in-house scientists are exceptionally well qualified and highly regarded. They know enough to know we don’t know everything. We have therefore built up a network of collaborators, each one an acknowledged expert in their field, who we consult as necessary. They all share our high professional standards and ethical stance, and our desire to always find the best, not the most obvious, solution to a problem.

Chester Medical Solutions

Their purpose built contract packing site is a ‘state of the art’ GMP facility fitted out to the highest standards and includes individual packing suites and a large 100,000 class Cleanroom (Euro Class 9).

They are fully accredited by MHRA for packing of solids, medical devices, peel pouch production and assembly and re-dressing. Accreditations include MHRA Licence, ISO9001:2000 and ISO 12385 – Medical Devices.

Source Bioscience

Source Bioscience Limited specialises in the simulation of environmental conditions and providing equipment and services designed to solve specific environmental testing and storage needs.

Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services

Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services is a leading small-scale contract manufacturer of novel injectable pharmaceuticals for use in clinical trials. They specialise in phase I and phase II GMP aseptic manufacturing for liquid, lyophilized, cytotoxic, conventional and biologicals.

In addition to sterile fill/finish, Symbiosis also offers full analytical testing through qualified partner companies, labelling and packaging of drug product, QP release to client or clinic and ICH compliant temperature controlled storage.

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