Analytical & Quality Control Services Include:

  • Analytical method transfer, development and validation.
  • Stability-indicating assays using UPLC and HPLC (including forced degradation studies).
  • Formal and informal stability study design, storage and testing.
  • Batch release and raw material testing.
  • Chemical and physical testing.
  • Chiral analysis.
  • Dissolution testing and drug release profiling.
  • Drug substance characterisation.
  • The identification and quantification of impurities.
  • Comparator studies.

Our Critical Testing Procedures Provide Meticulous Quality Control Which Include:

  • Testing of raw materials to ensure that each formulation component meets our quality requirements.
  • In-process assays to establish that the manufacturing processes are meeting the standards set out in advance.
  • Carrying out of final product assays to verify that product meets its specification.
  • We employ stability testing to evaluate the useful shelf life of the product.

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