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Orphan Drug Development

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Orphan drugs are a pharmaceutical agent that has been developed specifically to treat a rare medical condition. These are rare diseases classified strictly according to their prevalence, specifically “any disease or condition that affects 1 in 2500 in the EU”.

Quay Pharma are perfectly equipped to deliver an Orphan Drug molecule from pre-clinical and formulation development all the way to small scale commercialisation. As a small sized CDMO we are technically strong and creative in the development of solid oral, semi solids and liquid dosing.

Advantages of Using Quay Pharma For Your Orphan Drug Include:

  • Working with small amounts of your API to handle your validation process.
  • We can offer XcelolabTM to dose neat API into capsule
  • Our set-up costs are low because the size of our business and our overheads
  • Helping you with any registration and validation if and when required

We have experience in working with various Orphan Drugs companies and their API’s. We are a fee for service organisation and don’t hold any IP for any formulation of drug delivery platform that we use – these will remain with our clients.

For all sales enquiries, call us on +44 (0)1244 837000 and a member of our Business Development team will be happy to help. Alternatively, fill out a quick form on our contact page.

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