Our Preformulation Capabilities Include:

  • API stability profiling (including an evaluation of the effects of heat, light, and pH).
  • Solubility profiling in buffers and non-aqueous solvents, and determining the partition coefficient of an API.
  • Compatibility testing of APIs and excipients.
  • In vitro diffusion studies using Franz cells with synthetic and/or biological membranes.
  • Rheology and viscoelastic pre-formulation studies of liquids, creams and gels.
  • Specific gravity testing.
  • Informal stability/formulation stress testing (both physical and chemical).
  • Formulation and packaging compatibility studies.
  • Tablet compaction analysis.
  • Powder formulation investigations using an Xcelolab™ powder dispenser for method development, powder dispense head selection and powder characterisation studies.
  • Parenteral formulations for early phase toxicity evaluation.
  • Management of characterisation services such as, but not limited to, particle size, DSC, TGA, powder X-ray diffraction, FTIR and particle morphology.
  • Writing CMCs and other regulatory documents for product registration with the MHRA, FDA and EMEA regulatory bodies.
  • Supply of liquids, mini-capsules and mini-tablets for use in animal studies.

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