More Conventional Dosage Forms

By delivering drugs to the specific site of the disease, topical products offer the fastest and most effective treatment method for conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, wound dressings, oncology-related diseases and anal fissures.

However, there are specific problems associated with the formulation of topical products, whether they are for classical drugs substances or NCEs. These include difficulties with API solubility, chemical or physical instability, and overcoming barriers to the API being released from the formulation and penetrating the target tissue.

We are experienced in developing stable, elegant topical formulations that overcome these and other problems. We have a record of notable successes in topical formulations, including the following.

  • A cream formulation combined with tablets for a semi-synthetic pleuromutilin derivative, where we also developed, manufactured and packed both products for clinical trials.
  • A thermally-reversible gel for a psoriatic condition, currently in field trials.
  • Permeation studies and formulation development for the delivery of poorly-soluble matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors through horse shins.
  • A buccal liquid gel formulation to treat xerostomia, currently in Phase II clinical trials.
  • A thermally-reversible gel to promote wound healing, currently in pharmacokinetic (PK) studies to investigate the mechanisms of its absorption.
  • A vaginal tablet or pessary for HIV treatment that transforms rapidly into to gel after administration.

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