More Modified Release Technologies

Where controlled or targeted release is required, tablets are still the most common and lowest cost drug delivery system. Our understanding of the principles and chemistries of controlled release tablet formulations is exceptional, and we have extensive experience, gained across a wide range of projects, of providing clients with highly successful modified release tablets. Our specialists can guide you through all of the necessary pre-formulation and formulation development stages and provide full manufacturing advice and support.

We can provide coated and uncoated modified release tablets in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes and release profiles, including the following specific technologies.

  • Delayed release tablet matrices using micro-environmental pH control of the API layer to govern drug dissolution and release.
  • Delayed release tablet matrices offering additional release control based on matrix erosion.
  • Bilayer tablets that pair a controlled-release layer with an immediate-release layer, or alternatively with a second API or excipient, in a single tablet.
  • Low-dose mini-tablets that are delivered by device, capsule or sachet so that dose strengths can be easily varied without any change to the formulation or process.

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