More Modified Release Technologies

Oral multiparticulate technologies such as beads, pellets, granules or mini-tablets offer enormous flexibility in their drug release profiles. They are valuable for delivering both single APIs and combinations of multiple drugs, and can be formulated to provide immediate-release dosages or modified options such as extended, delayed or pulsed release.

There are a Number of Advantages to the Multiparticulate Approach.

  • It is less susceptible to dose dumping.
  • It is not affected by food intake to as great an extent as monolithic dosage forms.
  • It offers minimal inter-subject and intra-subject variability.
  • It reduces the risk of local irritation to the gastrointestinal tract.
  • It allows separate release of multiple ingredients throughout the gastrointestinal tract in a single dose.
  • It enables the dose strength to be varied without changing the formulation or the process.

The Multiparticulate Technologies we Offer at Quay Pharma Include:

  • Pelletisation through extrusion spheronisation.
  • API layering on to nonpareils.
  • MIni-tablets, with or without encapsulation.
  • Microencapsulation through spray drying.

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