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Solubility & Bioavailability Enhancement

  More Solubility And Bioavailability Enhancement

Solubility and bioavailability are the overwhelming challenges in drug development. We have a range of practical, proven approaches for overcoming these barriers.

Approximately 40% of all drugs currently on the market, and 90% of the compounds at present in development for future use, are reported to show poor solubility in water. This leads to difficulties in obtaining adequate, reproducible absorption from the gastrointestinal tract after oral administration. Poor solubility and variable drug absorption are associated with low bioavailability, and ultimately affect the efficacy and safety of the product.

Class 1 (High Solubility)

High Solubility, High Permeability, Rapid Dissolution

Class 1 drugs do not normally exhibit bioavailability problems. However, from a pharmacokinetic perspective, a slower but longer-lasting release would sometimes be preferable.

Class 2 (Low Solubility)

Low Solubility, High Permeability

Class 2 includes the majority of NCEs in the development pipelines. Their solubility in the gastrointestinal tract has to be increased to allow them to be formulated into marketable products

Class 3 (High Solubility)

High Solubility, Low Permeability

Class 3 drugs are soluble in the gastrointestinal tract but not readily taken up by the body. Permeation enhancing techniques are required to to turn them into clinically effective products

Class 4 (Low Solubility)

High Solubility, Low Permeability

Class 4 contains substances that neither dissolve nor penetrate physiological barriers to enter the body. They are not usually developed further, although they may have some application when used with pro-drugs.

Our unparalleled range of technologies designed to increase the solubility or permeability of drug compounds have applications throughout the development process, from the earliest stages to commercialisation. Provided on a royalty-free basis, they include:

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